About the D M blog & podcast
Our relationship began as co-workers more than 13 years ago which quickly developed into this soul-mate type friendship. We help each other through everything... literally - relationships, embarrassing moments, shopping advice, career brainstorming, motherhood, marriage, heartbreak you name it - if you're like us, you call your girlfriends for everything, right?
We started the DM Show Podcast because we needed an excuse to get together once a week for happy hour. What was an excuse for two girlfriends to get together more often quickly turned into a place for real-life connection of all things relating to women and we hope it has become your excuse to hang out with your girlfriends more often too. But even more we hope to inspire you to have open,meaningful conversations along the way. So grab your girlfriends, pour some wine and come hang out with us. Our weekly podcast will bring you a giggle of pop culture gossip, ridiculous confessions and talks with women we love. 
After starting the podcast, we quickly realized that spending one hour a week with you wasn't enough time to give you all the goods. We needed a place to share all of our secrets so we decided to take the DM Show digital. Here we want be a resource and offer advice on the things women are experiencing every single day. We want share products and places, we want to  give you a mother's perspective and friendly support. We want the this place to be a source of inspiration to help elevate your everyday day life. 
Thanks for visiting and thank you for sharing our blog and podcast with your girlfriends xo D&M

Meet D&M




I was raised in Columbus, Ohio by a young single mother who embedded in me curiosity and independence. I now live in Las Vegas with my husband, Chris and our 2 adorable boys, Cruz (7) and Dane (6). My favorite things outside of my family is drinking wine with my girlfriends, attempting to cook, getting my ass kicked in pilates, and planning our next adventure! Follow my personal instagram @4diesha 



I am 39 years old, I’ve been engaged for 7 years, with no wedding date set, so don’t ask. I’m a first time mama to a beautiful 1 year old baby boy named Easton and I recently left my comfy daytime job to focus on him and my Fashion blog, diversecitystyle.com Follow my instagram @marialtamirano


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