Busy BFF Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is one our favorite holidays. We have a very fond memory of a Halloween spent in Ohio where Diesha was recently dating her now Husband and Marisela went to Ohio to visit. It was an epic night filled with too much alcohol that ended with Marisela couch crawling in the bar.....Did I mention we were dressed like Moulin Rouge? Yeah it was a very fun shit show.

We don't have crazy plans this year because , well, kids! But we still wanted to get into the spirit and share some easy costumes you can re-create yourself or inspire you incase you are in a Halloween costume rut.

The first costume was served to us on a platter and it is so on brand, we could not ignore it. The Kardashians often make it onto Pop Topics so it was only fitting we dressed up as one of the many duos options in that family.

You have all seen this famous picture of North West and Penelope Disick leaving ballet class and it is so easy to recreate. Marisela already had the white blazer in her closet and we found the Tutu's and D's top on Amazon.

We created a podcast around sharing a bottle of wine so why not dress up as such.

For this costume we got a little creative and went with something that we both love and is basically a third co-host on the podcast so here we are. Our best representation of "Partners in wine".

For this costume we used what we had and supplemented the rest. We both had cork heels in our closet and of course the red and white wine, but we had to find dresses that represented each wine. The grapes we purchased at Michaels and simply attached them to existing headbands.

White wine is light, airy and is usually associated with summer and boozy patio brunches. it is a fun daytime drink. so D went with this fun @Vici white minidress. This dress is the the oppitomy of white wine. It says lets have some fun!

Red is sophisticated and usually something you bring out at night. It is deep and sometimes mysterious, and red most definitely thinks its superior to white wine.

This is something so easy to recreate. You can do any libation of your liking. Like Champagne and wine, or beer and whiskey all it take is a little imagination.

We recommend exploring what things you and your bestie like to do and create a costume around that. Costumes don't have to be expensive or elaborate, they just have to be fun and creative.

We hope you guys have an amazing halloween and we can't wait to see what you come up with.

XxOx, D&M

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