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Hey! I have had the luxury of using the Clarisonic Mia 2 and the Foreo Luna mini face cleansing brushes over the past few months and I say I've had the luxury because these little pieces of equipment are pricey. Even though I was lucky enough to receive both of them as gifts I would of probably pulled the trigger on one eventually, but definitely not both.

Sonic cleansing technology is not new. It's been around for a while and if you are like me, you associate it with Clarisonic. Over the years, I have known multiple people who have used the clarisonic brush and I have seen it advertised in EVERY magazine as "leading" brush. But, over the last two years Foreo has really has made a buzz and it went from you used a clarisonic, to now you are a Clarisonic or a Foreo girl and nothing in between. And since I have had the luxury of using both, I figured I would give you my honest opinion.

Before I get started I want to share my skin challenges and concerns with you. I have normal to dry skin, uneven skin tone, dullness and discoloration like, sun spots, but I have come to the conclusion after the thousands of dollars I have spent on creams, serums and potions that the only thing that is going to remove my sunspots is a laser. So I focus my OTC efforts on treating the dryness, unevenness and dullness.

My first introduction to sonic face brushes was the Clarisonic Mia 2 with the radiance brush head which was engraved with my initials (such a nice touch). The radiance brush head is what it comes with and it is for skin brightening, which is perfect for me. As I introduced it to my skin, I stopped using harsh active ingredients like, retinol and retin-a so that I would not irritate my skin. As with anything new, it did take me a while to get used to it, but after about a week, it was like second nature and I slowly re-introduced my retinol and thats when I really started to notice the difference in my skin. I started to notice my skin was smoother, brighter, and tighter, my skin tone was even and Pete started to mention how shiny my face looked. I assumed he meant radiant. LOL!

If you have ever used a retinol, especially a retina, you have probably experienced peeling, redness and sensitivity as a short term side effect. Well because I stoped them while I introduced the clarisonic, once I started them back up again, I started to experience the side affect once again, and I found that the clarisonic brush bristles were to abrasive to use during this time so once the redness and sensitivity went down, I started with the clarisonic again. Here is where my issue came in, I found it the it would re- irritate (is that a word) my skin. And it would not fully exfoliate the the dead skin from the retina, and I found myself having to use both a chemical exfoliator (like PTR peel pads) and the clarisonic brush which was to much for my skin and even then, I would say it was only semi effective. If I was going to continue using retin-a then I couldn't continue using the Clarisonic, the bristles proved to be a little to harsh. So I found myself using it less and less. I also started to notice that if I didn't wash it properly after each use and made sure there wasn't any water sitting in the cavity of the brush base, (what I think was) bacteria started to form, and the brush head was starting to get dingy and dirty looking so I started using my face wash to wash it after each use. I was considering ordering a replacement brush head even though I had only had it for two months and its recommended you change it every 3-4 months.

The Foreo Luna Mini was gifted to me by the Foreo marketing. I had the Luna for a while before I even broke it out of the packaging. When I finally got around to using I was not a fan. I was so used to the Clarisonic, that the Luna felt odd. The design is completely different the vibration felt different, it just felt unfamiliar. Like I said earlier, anything new takes some getting used to, but since the Clarisonic was working out okay, I didn't bother giving it more time.. It wasn't until our trip to Italy started to inch around that I decided to pull it out again because I knew it would take up less space in my suitcase and be way less maintenance than the Clarisonic. I packed it in my suitcase ( i left my retinol at home because I knew we would be spending a lot of time in the sun) and I was committed to give it a real chance.

The vibration is very different from the Clarisonic at first I couldn't really explain what the difference really was until I looked it up, and it is pulsation instead of a steady vibration and that took a little while to get used to. While in Italy I made the mistake of changing my cleanser ( i opted for a travel size of some other brand) and I wasn't getting the deep clean I needed after long days in the heat and I was starting to doubt the Luna. Once I found a Pharmacy that carried a good cleanser, I started to notice my skin bounce back. It got smoother, brighter, and my tone evened out. I especially liked that I I could wash my face after a long day and not have to worry about cleaning it. All I had to do is rinse it off, and relax. Once we returned from Italy, I re-inroduced my retinol & retin-a and I again started to peel (it'll happen every time you take a long break). After the sensitivity and redness went down, I re-introduced the Foreo and it completely exfoliated my dead skin. The next day when I applied my foundation (usually when I could really tell if I am peeling) it went on smooth! I could not believe it. I washable to use the Foreo and my retin-a and retinol

Below is my breakdown and thoughts about the technology, design and results on both brushes.

Vibration Both use sonic technology but to me the Clarisonic wins this one. I like the steady vibration better, its smoother, Where he Foreo uses pulsation vibration method. I feel like the steady vibration stimulates the area better. Just my opinion.

Exfoliation Both cleansers do a good job at regular everyday exfoliation, but the fact that the foreo was able to clear all of my dead, peeling skin without further irritation makes it the winner for me. I think the silicone bristles grab dead skin better and and give you a deeper exfoliation.

Portabiltiy Foreo wins this one. It is sleeker, smaller and more linear which takes up way less room and it is also way easier to clean.

The Clarisonic Mia can surely travel, but it is bigger and will take up more space. Clarisonic does offer a travel brush starting at $219

Speeds Foreo Luna Mini comes with 8 speeds and you can surely find one that fits your need. I toggle between speeds depending on how much of deep clean I need., Clarisonic Mia2 has two mild and strong..

Timing technology

Clarisonic is the clear winner, its a hard vibrate when it is time to change zones and it just turns off when you have reached your time. Foreo is a soft vibration for change (i often miss it) and it will give you a pulsing vibration when you have reached your time limit, but it will continue to go.


Clarisonic should be cleaned nightly after every use because of the long bristles. You want to make sure all of the residue is washed off, and that the handle is rinsed well too. Make sure it's stored properly to allow the brush to air dry completely in between uses in order to avoid bacteria build up. You should also deep clean it weekly to make sure.


Foreo's silicone cover makes it super easy. You can just rinse it off and you can clearly see that it is clean. No where for bacterial to hide and build. It stands straight off so all the water will slide right off and allow it to air dry properly.

Replacement Parts

The Clarisonic Mia brush does have to be replaced every couple of months. The brushes start at $27 which if you replace once a quarter thats $108/year. It also has different types of brushes you can buy depending on your skins need like, deep pore cleansing, sensitive skin, and acne which I suppose is a positive.

The Foreo Luna does not require any additional parts. If you are looking to address a specific kind of skin need, you could go with the Luna 2 and purchase one their skin targeting brushes.


Clarisonic Mia $169

Foreo Luna Mini $139

Overall I would say both brushes really deliver what they promise, but they are built very differently. Both made such a huge difference on my skin and changed the appearance for the better and. both are pretty easy to use! Since the Clarisonic was my first introduction to sonic brushes and I was able to really see the real results, I am partial to it. My face never looked better after a few weeks of exclusively using it so if you do no use active chemicals like, Retin-a, are diligent about cleaning your brushes and don't don't mind having to replace parts, The Clarisonic is a great product. But In my honest opinion the Foreo is a better value. It gives you the same results as the Clarisonic, but it does not require parts to be replaced, which can get costly, and it is easy to clean. It also performed better when I needed extra exfoliation, its easier for travel and you don't have to worry about bacteria building up, which is a huge plus!

I hope this helps you decision if you are looking to invest in a sonic face brush.

XxOx, Marisela

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