D's 'things' to make #momlife easier

I think we can all agree that mom-life can be chaotic at times. Between school, sports schedules, work and social gatherings I need things in my life to make it all simpler. Although some of these tips are obvious, random, or pure genius, these are my survival 'things' for a happy and successful #momlife. I've categorized them by Household things, Self-Care things, and Life Lesson things.


When you have boys (including my man-child husband) laundry is daunting. They literally wear 2-3 outfits per day, making laundry a whole lot of daily fun (insert sarcasm). I purchased this 2 compartment laundry hamper from Amazon. It helps sort lights from dark, with 2 easy velcro carrying sacks. Even just the few minutes it saves me, totally worth it!


My mom brain is responsible for multiple schedules so I need a quick synopsis of the month. Preparing for what's to come in advance helps my mind organize all that needs to be done week to week. I have this Chalkboard Calendar in my mudroom so the entire family knows where they need to be and when.


Game changers in my house. My mom gifted me both and I keep asking her how did she do mom life without these 2 kitchen appliances. We use these every single day, they save so much time. Airfryer is used to basically anything you need heated, stay crispy and fast. That thing had just about anything (even from frozen) ready in less than 5 min. My Instapot is fairly new, but so far I've cut my crockpot recipe time in half, at least half. Busy moms, these are a must!

SELFT CARE THINGS - THESE WILL SAVE YOUR SANITY HOUSEKEEPER Yes even you SAHM's please give yourself a break and hire a housekeeper. Yes I know, you clean all day and you're home all day. Sorry, but your helper will clean better than you and will get to those areas you just simply don't get to or don't even see anymore. This will save your sanity from groundhogs day syndrome - making you a better mom and wife!

MAKE GIRLFRIEND TIME A PRIORITY And not just every once in a while, do this monthly. Trust Marisela and I when we say - Girlfriend time is good for the soul. This is not a selfish act, this is a necessity and when made a priority - you'll be happier. Girl time laugher is the best mom life medicine. And you'll be more fun when you get back home to your babes.

EXCERCISE It is actually proven that regular exercise can have a profound positive impact by relieving stress, improving memory, helping you sleep better, and boosting your overall mood. Even if you get up an hour earlier and go on a walk, just get moving. I am a huge fan of ClassPass which allows me to switch up my workouts from pilates, barre and spinning. Take this time for yourself, you deserve it!


TEACH THEM TO FISH Remember that saying "Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime"? This philosophy should be applied to your kids and partner. I have a lot to learn in this lesson, Anyone else guilty of just doing it all yourself? But my goodness if only my kids could do a few of the small things for themselves, I just might free up a moment to get to the rest of the 'things'.


You've all watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. If not, it's on Netflix - stop reading this blog and go watch that! Letting go of junk we don't need is freeing. Put it in your calendar the 1st of every quarter, turn on some En Vogue - Free Your Mind and The Rest Will Follow and declutter that house!

CONTINUE TO LEARN Look life is crazy - embrace the chaos, but don't let it become an excuse for why you're not continuing to grow yourself. We have access to so many ways to get information, make a list of a few things you want to know more about, then put it in your calendar. Download the Audible app, you can listen to a book while driving to work or folding laundry. Subscribe to Podcasts (shameless plug - The DM Show has new episodes every Tuesday we will give you some of that girlfriend time). Take a class, there are online options, local community colleges and even the Apple store hosts really cool courses.

I hope these are some little life reminders and tips to help you simplify #momlife. Would love to hear what things help you in life, please send me a dm because sharing is caring. Keep on Keepin on,


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