My dear baby boy, today you are one! It's only been 365, but somehow it feels like we have been together for a lifetime. The feeling I felt the moment I physically held you has not faded one bit and every time I hold you now the feeling comes back just the same. The first time our eyes met is etched in my mind forever. We were both so vulnerable, but even through your foggy gaze, you reassured me everything would be alright. It is the purest, deepest connection I have ever felt. My love for you was instant!


One year ago today you were placed on my chest. One year ago today we met face to face. One year ago today you changed my life. One year ago today I promised you a life worth living. One year ago today I promised to love you unconditionally. One year ago today you gave my life purpose. One year ago today I felt true, everlasting love. One year ago today our life together began and most importantly one year ago today I became your mamà and you became my son.

It was a long journey full of negative results and bad news phone calls, but I prayed and prayed and prayed and just as I was losing hope you gave me back my faith. Today I know it was all worth it because the whole time it was you. The universe knew I needed you; you are the missing piece. Easton, you are my miracle baby, you are my saving grace, you are my solace in this crazy world, you are my safe space. My body carried you into the world, but you gave me life. You gave me purpose and for that my baby boy, I am enterally indebted to you.

Easton, I hope you grow to be, honest, empathetic, strong, ambitious, and kind. But most of all, I hope you I hope you make everyone around you feel loved. I pray that you learn to listen without judgment, love without conditions, and most importantly live without fear. This life is yours to live, so I hope you live your truth every day.

XxOx, Mamà Marisela

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