DM your next family photo shoot

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Hi! Okay, mama's this is for you because I can almost bet that you are always completely in charge when it comes to planning all the details of your family photo shoots. If you are anything like our families, you tell you husband/partner where, when, and what to wear. Just the way we like it, right? There are only a few occasions when deciding what your man should wear is an obligation, family photos should is on top of that list.

When it comes time to style a family photo shoot, I secretly wish simpler times were upon us. I often times think how nice it would be if we could just throw on white t-shirts and jeans, go shoe less, stand in front of white paper, pose awkwardly, and be done (I secretly want to recreate one of those shoots just for shits & giggles). Don't you?

When it comes to planning your family photo shoots, I don't want you to feel stressed out about what to wear. We know you'll have a ton of stress trying to get all the kids to smile at the camera at the same time, so I'm going to share tips to style your next family photos with no stress. .

Choose your location first. The location is going to be a huge part of your photo and should dictate the entire feel of your outfits. If your having a hard time finding one, i've found that most photographers have a great list of options.

After you have decided on a location, you can start thinking about what you are going to wear. . If you already have a piece that you plan on wearing, then that piece and it's color is your starting point. In my family, it is usually based around what I am wearing, because I am doing all of the work. LOL. But if you don't have a specific piece build your looks around a color story. , when in doubt, neutrals are you best friend.

If you are using props, like a chair, Make sure you colors will contrast the prop.

For Diesha's family shoot, the location was set for Red Rock Canyon. She already had a few pieces for her boys that she wanted them to wear, so we worked around that so she didn't have to go out an purchase new items. We kept her outfit very organic by dressing her in a neutral lace maxi dress (appropriate for the location) and we tied the boys outfit together by caring the same color palette thought out. If you look closely, all of the boys have a touch of blue, camel and grey.

My Family Photo Shoot

For our family photo shoot, I knew I wanted to wear this mustard, yellow dress, and I knew I wanted to shoot at this location. Because the dress is so bold, I knew the rest of my family had to be in earth tone neutrals like white, brown and beige, but also in organic fabrics, like cotton and linen to not only ground my dress, but also compliment the location.

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