First I will start this post by telling you that we received the Foreo Issa Toothbrushes as a gift from Foreo. They did not expect a review or blog post in return. These opinions are unsolicited and were not required as part of the gift.

When the box arrived, I assumed I would be getting the Foreo Luna facial cleansing brush, (which I assumed was the only product Foreo made) and it was in the box, but it also included two Issa 2 toothbrushes, one for myself and one for Pete; and one Issa Mikro for Easton. It took a few weeks to unbox everything, because to be honest, I was happy with what we were currently doing, which is brushing our teeth the good old mechanical way. But Easton kept getting into the box to play with it, so I finally decided to unbox everything and start using it.

At first use, it felt weird and the vibration took a while to get used to, but the toothbrush is programed with multiple vibration speeds so I was able to find one that felt comfortable and not to aggressive. After about a week of using it, I was hooked. I even made sure to pack it for our Italy trip.

My teeth truly felt cleaner after brushing with the the Foreo Issa. They felt smoother and I just felt like all the grime really came off. I noticed that when I flossed (which is every night, BTW) it was cleaner. But where it really made the biggest impact is my gums. I have a lot of cosmetic work done to my teeth. My four front teeth are crowns. I chose to go this route instead of getting braces. A decision I was starting to regret. One of the negatives about getting cosmetic teeth work is your gums become very sensitive and require a lot of gentle care. You have to brush your gums regularly to help promote and increase blood flow to the area or you run the risk your gums turning purple (essentially not getting any blood). But on the other hand if you brush to hard, you run the risk of receding gums. I struggled with the right balance. At every Dentist appointment I either got told, I was brushing my gums to hard, or I wasn't massaging them enough. I dreaded going to the dentist! After a week or so of using the Issa toothbrush, I noticed my gums were not giving me the typical issues. They weren't inflamed and the appearance was nice and pink! They actually looked normal! I could not believe it. Now it's important to know that I have not been to the dentist since I started to use the toothbrush, but I am due for a cleaning next month and I am pretty sure my dentist is finally going to be happy with me.

We've been encouraging Easton to brush his teeth since he started teething. Almost every teething toy we purchased was a form of a tooth brush, from the silicone toothbrush slip you put on your finger and message their gums with, to the yellow banana, and by time he graduated to a regular toothbrush, he was just not into it. I would have to chase him just to get a few strokes, only to just give up. I mean, have you ever tried sticking something in your toddlers mouth when they don't want to? Impossible. And after all, they are temporary teeth right? That's what I told myself. But honestly, Pete has a lot of dental issues. He is the guy that goes into the dentist for a cleaning and leaves with a follow up appointment for a root canal. I am like, how did this happen between your last cleaning and now? I joke with him that he must be drinking gallons of coke when he's not home. But in all seriousness I know dental issue can be hereditary so I want to encourage Easton to take dental hygiene seriously. But it was becoming a battle and I often lost.

When I switched his regular tooth brush to the Foreo it was a game changer. I introduced it slowly and put the vibration on low, let him play with it, chew on it and just let him get used to it. I would sit on the floor with him while I was brushing mine, let him hold my toothbrush so could feel that mine vibrated too and slowly he started mimicking me. Going side to side, up and down, and before I knew it he was brushing his teeth. Now we brush every morning and night and anytime he sees me with my toothbrush in my hand, he starts search for his and I let him use it whenever he wants.

a few weeks ago while we were playing, I turned him upside down and noticed he had four molars coming in. I had braced myself for the molars because everyone tells you how awful they are and how terrible your baby will be while they break through. I was seriously shocked, I could not believe he didn't even let me know. Three days ago, I I noticed his K-9's are breaking though and again, I didn't even notice a change in his personality. I am convinced that introducing the Foreo is what made this phase so easy. I think the massage on his gums has really helped soothe the pain for him.

A lot of you who have seen it on stories and asked about it, mention that it is expensive and let me be very honest here, I would of eventually purchased some sort of electronic toothbrush for myself, but had I not got it for free, I probably would of never purchased one for Easton. But now that we have them and we are using them, I will absolutely replace it (and immediately) should we lose it. It is worth every penny!

The technology behind it is pretty cool too. It last 365 days with just one charge. I charged it the night before we left for our 9 day Italy trip and I did not bring the charger. I was skeptical, but it is still going and that was 60 days ago. You can read more out it here

XxOx, Marisela

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