I wash my hair every three- four days and sometimes 5, yes that's right.I have really curly, fine hair and too much washing dries it, leaves it frizzy and my ends start to look like I've gone 2 years without a haircut. So dry shampoo is something that I have come to know really well and I want to share my tips with you.

I will start by sharing the two dry shampoos I use. I use Aveda Shampure and Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo. I love having the option of a powder and an aerosol and I use them both regularly.

The trick with dry shampoo is to be proactive with it and use it before you need it. .Like, be honest with yourself and admit you are not going to wash your hair tonight or tomorrow morning so just go ahead and start using it right now. If you wait to use it until you need it then you might as well just wash your hair. If you hair is already oily or greasy all dry shampoo is going do is make it look oily & greasy with dry shampoo in it. I know you, know what that looks like.

Here is how you can be proactive with dry shampoo.

1. Use it right before an activity that is going to make you perspire. Like a light workout, a long walk, or a bike ride etc. For these daytime active events, I use the Drybar Detox aerosol because it is easy to throw in a bag, not messy and easy to spray on the go.

2. Use it at night before bed. I simply add this as a step to my skincare routine. I start using dry shampoo on night two. My hair isn't oily on day two, but by day three it definitely will be. I Use it at night so it absorbs the oils as they are being produced which really helps extend my hair. At night I like to use the Aveda Shampure powder. I find the powder to be more absorbent and I find it to be a little too messy for daytime.

When applying dry shampoo it is really important to concentrate as close to the roots as possible.. For day time use I personally concentrate around my crown and at night I try to distribute it around my whole head. Once you apply it do not mess with it. People have the tendency to rub it in, pat it in or try to shake it around, but just leave it. After your workout, or when you wake up you'll brush your hair out and that will spread any traces that a are left.

I hope this post was helpful. Of course these brands are my personal favorite, but you can do this with your favorite dry shampoo..

XxOx, Marisela

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