I did take a before picture, but for some reason I can't find it. Guys, it was so bad. Everything was organized by category just as you see in the picture, but they were stacked. For example my brushes were in a tray under my eye pencils. Face stuff stacked on top of my hair accessories, IT WAS NOT FUNCTIONAL AT ALL. Add to the fact that I would let Easton play in this drawer when I was getting ready (because it entertained him long enough) and it was literally destroyed! I was so frustrated so I headed to Pinterest for inspiration and realized I had it all wrong.

I knew I needed my most used items visible and accessible. I measured the inside of the drawer. to make sure I got the right size bins in order to configure it correctly. I also had to switch my full size hair products, like hairspray and texturizer to travel size because the drawer is short and they did not fit standing up. Anything that was not used regularly like face masks, body oils, and hair products that I used occasionally were relocated to the drawer below which is the same width but taller.

I continued with the theme of grouping everything together, but this time in a reach in and grab format. No more stacking! I stayed with the acrylic trays since I already had a few on hand, but added a few with built in dividers to separate small items in order to make it easier. My goal was for everything to have a dedicated home.

On the left, I put all my hair accessories like bobbie pins, hair ties, and clips, and some face tools like, trimmers and tweezers. I used a small bin with four small compartments to house it all by category. This was the most impactful change to the drawer. before, hair ties, bobbie pins and clips were all housed together and I used to have to dig through a bin to find a bobbie pin, which was so frustrating. And I could never find my tweezers. Now they each have a specific home and I know where they are at all times.

If you are like me, you have a million hair brushes. They all do different things, right? Well, I used to have every single brush in a bin, but for everyday purposes, I normally use what you see in this little bin so I relocated the rest to the bottom drawer and next to my brushes are my everyday hair products. The products that I use regularly and anything specialized is down below with the special brushes.

Next is all my face stuff. Yes! I use all these products. I rotate them through out the week, but the all get used. And I personally hate having toothbrush on my counter (fun fact, I like a clean clutter free counter) so I keep it contained in this drawer too.

Next is my makeup and it too is categorized. My eye stuff is all together. Like eye pencils, eye brushes, mascara, brows are all on the same side and then you'll find my face products on the other side and my every day eye pallets all in the same place.

I can not tell you how much simpler this has made my routine. Knowing where everything is and goes just makes my life so much easier. Now I have to tackle my pantry.

XxOx, Marisela

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