Is Rent The Runway worth it?

Ok friends let me share with you my shopping ability - I’m really good at looking at pictures and and finding styles I love, “My Style” Pinterest board is my dream closet, buuuuutt when it comes to pulling it all together when I’m actually at the store … I usually leave frustrated because I couldn’t quite find the fashion statement I was looking for at the budget I can afford or the time I have to shop so I settle for something that is just okay.

That’s the reason I signed up for Rent the Runway Unlimited. A girlfriend shared her referral link and I got a discount for my first month! Hang in here with me to the end, I’m sharing my referral code with you too!

I was so excited to be shopping luxury brands that I’d never spend the money on. I needed a mix of fashionable day pieces and a few fancier dresses for occasions like happy hour with my girlfriends and our 10th wedding anniversary dinner.

I think there’s a misconceptions about RTR, at least I originally thought this - they only rent fancy event type fashion. Not True. Their categories are awesome and their filters help you reduce your shopping time. You can shop by specific type dress like daytime, weekend, formal, bridal etc. And shop by clothing type like tops, pants, jackets or jumpsuits and rompers (which is one of my favorite tabs). They also have incredible designer accessories like bags, jewelry, scarves, hats and sunglasses. No matter the occasion, they have it!

You choose 4 items at a time, they're shipped to you in a compact, zippable garment bag that you then fill with the clothes again once you've worn them, and ship back. There’s a 2-day turnaround time on each end.

Once they receive the items back, you can log back in to rate and review your selections. Plus you can include pictures of you in the items, which I encourage you to do because it helps all of us in our selection process to see how it actually looks on different body types and sizes.

Now let’s say you wear a piece and you fall in love with it… RTR gives you the option to purchase it at a discounted price from what it would actually cost you to buy directly from the brand - Score!

There are 2 types of subscriptions - Unlimited at $159 + tax and Update at $89/mo + tax Here’s how these plans compares:

The RTR Unlimited monthly membership can seem like a pricey subscription service. Now whether or not the RTR Unlimited program will be worth it for you depends on your current fashion spending habits and your closet needs. If you work from home all the time, and your version of a going out outfit is jeans and a cute basic top, you probably don’t need Unlimited. If you are a working gal with a busy social schedule, then RTR Unlimited may not be worth it from a financial standpoint. And because let’s face it, social media has ruined our ability to wear the same cute outfit too many times, so we need more instagramable options, lol.

The next available subscription is RTR Update, where you receive four items and hold onto them for an entire month, with no exchanges. That may be a good starter place for people who don’t see themselves needing more than 2 specific occasions that require you to be a fashionista, or for a specific busy period like the holiday season. But you can swap your memberships as needed by calling in.

Here’s one hack that may help you get the most out of the Unlimited subscription- When you first start to return one item in a box, with shipping that you pay (instead of the prepaid shipping) – you’ll keep the fabric bag and your pre-addressed return label for future use. Once RTR received the item you returned at your own ground shipping expense, they’ll intake it, you’ll pick a replacement piece and they will ship it out in another fabric bag. Now you have 4 pieces, two fabric shipping bags and two prepaid return address labels. Makes your subscription a more frequent rotation.

The only other downfall I’ve found so far is that you may choose an item and they may not have it available until a later time, so shop ahead or reserve ahead of time. Overall, I like this service - it gives me a stylish rotation of high end fashion in my wardrobe, it’s like retail therapy every time the bag arrives and choosing cute cocktail pieces encourages me to get together with my girlfriends more often :) So if you are curious to wear high end brands or have an upcoming occasion you need to look top-notch for - RTR is perfect!

And because you’re reading this DM Show Blog - here is my referral link to give you a discount on your first month. >>>

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