Managing Curly Hair

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

I have unmanageable fine curly hair. As  young girl I embraced its wild side and let the frizz be free. Those days are long gone. After years of trying every possible product that promises smooth finish, less breakage and healthier looking hair, I’ve giving you all my secrets to the products you actually need.  

My disclaimer - I’m am the daughter of a cosmetologist. This is important to keep in mind because if I recommend a product, trust that it’s because I have had access to and tried literally everything! I’m totally blaming my mom for making me a hair product whore.

Let me start with the foundation to healthy hair, because let’s be honest, if you’re like me, we over process our hair, and way too often.

Tip #1 - Get yourself really good Shampoo & Condition.

Look for one that is free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens.  Without getting super scientific sulfates and phosphates are soapy ingredients that induce dryness, frizziness and color fade. Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen - your hair does not need this! Besides, why would you spend $150-$300 on your highlights and color then go to your grocery and buy cheap shampoo and conditioner? Trust me, your stylist will appreciate you protecting their work.  

My go-to is Joico K-Pak Color Therapy . It’s rich color-protecting for damaged or multi-processed hair. It has argan oil that helps give you a smooth surface that remains light and moveable plus is nourishes and hydrates damaged, color-treated or over-processed hair. Tip #2 - Heat Protectant.

Look for one that specifically references temperature 200+ degrees.

I cannot stress enough that you need heat protectant. After I had my kids, my baby fly aways were out of control and flattening my hair with a 350 degree iron wasn’t doing any good. It was a game changer when introduced a heat protectant to my routine. My most favorite is Davines Melu Hair Shield.  It’s a spray that protects the hair from heat up to 220 degrees. The formula is packed with vitamins that nourish and repair damaged ends for those of us who heat blow out or flat iron our hair daily.  It doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy like most other do.

Tip #3 - Leave-In Treatment **if you color, highlight, blowdry & iron. Look for one that suits your particular hair type.

I desperately need a leave-in treatment because the color that I want to achieve in my blonde takes a very high lift and because I blow-out my curls 2-3 times a week. Bleach + Heat = No Bueno.

My recommendation is the Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle Filler Treatment by Pureology. This is specifically for  blondes with color-treated hair. Essentially this daily product is a leave-in treatment that fills in gaps in hair's cuticle, leaving highlighted blonde hair 78% stronger.

Tip #4 - De-Frizzer.

Look for one that has reviews that specifically references light-weight.

Again the texture of curls just lends to frizz. Oh the story my hair tells when I just let is dry without products, lol. I need all kinds of help relaxing my strands.

My long-time favorite is Moroccanoil Treatment. It’s magic for curly hair! Especially on days I just want to rock my spirals.  Most often, I use a tiny bit as a finishing touch because it leaves my hair silky smooth with a shine.

Tip#5 - Texturizing Spray.   

Traditional texturizers are combed through naturally curly hair to release the curl structure for looser curls and to achieve that beachy wave look. But texturizers have some a long way and now super convenient now in spray options.

The Dry Bar Triple Sec is my most recent addition to my hair regimen and immediately became one that I rave to everyone about because it texturizerizes, amplifies volume and the smell is incredible - I wish it was a perfume!

I’ll keep you posted as hair styles change and new products win me over! xx D

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