LAUNDRY SUCKS - So at least make the room pretty

My shiplap walls in my laundry room renovation was a major labor of love but sooo worth it.

Our laundry room is how we most often enter our home from the garage. Before our renovation, it was the dumping ground for my kids shoes-backpacks-sports gear, my husbands scrubs-keys-shoes and my dogs leashes-toys. Because my head space stays cluttered when the house is a mess, I really needed this space decorated and made into a more functional area.

I gotta give a shout out to my husband because I know how lucky I am that he has the skills and tools for my ‘laundry' list of projects, but this particular project just about did him in, lol.

We used 7 inch, tongue and groove, white shiplap from Lowe’s. Shiplap makes a huge impact on any room but I chose a small room thinking it would be easier and cheaper, sadly not the case. Although it’s a small room, we didn’t anticipate the number corner angle cuts or the challenge of complete runs without breaks. Both issues made us make more trips to Lowe’s than we’d like to admit. I wanted very clean look so we opted not to run the planks in the traditional staggered pattern. My advice, just stagger them, it's much easier and you'll use less materials. We purchased some finishing trim pieces for the corners and around the countertops.

The only pain for me were the ‘gazillion’ nail holes. Because he battled these difficult chop saw cuts, I was the lucky one that got to fill and sand each and every one of those nail holes before I painted and oh my gosh there were so many nail holes and it was sooo time consuming. And because of all the holes, I had to paint. I chose Benjamin Moore Super White, it’s bright and clean and made the hardware really pop.

Because of budget, we were stuck with what I call 'garage cabinets', so I thought I'd dress them up with new hardware. Rather than going with nickel hardware like I have in most of my house, I decided to use black pulls on the cabinets. These hexagon handles from are everything! I love the flat black color, the shape compliments my modern farmhouse style. Who knew you could love cabinetry hardware so much? And now I’m itching to change all my hardware in my entire house to black.

Lastly, the finishing touches. I wanted the ability to let light in and the ability to block when my little guys are changing into their swim trunks for the pool outback so I chose this white cellular shade window treatment by Allen Roth. Easy to use with a simple modern appearance.

We are a busy family with multiple schedules so I really wanted a shared family calendar. I got this wood frame chalkboard calendar on Amazon. I also got some month magnets and chalkboard markers. The decorative wood piece with hooks and the storage baskets are from Home Goods, my favorite store to get lost in for hours browsing my next decor idea.

And my absolute favorite pictures for a laundry room - "Laundry Sucks" and "Lost Socks Seeking Sole Mates" signs were created custom by my girlfriend who owns her own art and craft business, JL Rustic Hammer. Her art is farmhouse style and each piece is one-of-a-kind. Thanks for supporting her when you’re looking for your custom piece.

For my functionality and organization IKEA is always my go to. I picked up a few super cheap drawer organizers in an attempt to keep the junk drawers in some sort of order.

Lastly, being a laundry room and all, I needed a place for a laundry basket, I ordered this Rev a Shelf laundry basket that fits perfectly inside an under cabinet. Now I just need to train my husband how to open the cabinet and place his clothes inside, lol.

Overall, I’m so happy with how it turned out. Now that I get to enter my house through this cute space that is now easy to keep organized & clean. I believe you can never go wrong with shiplap! I hope this helps give you a few ideas if you’re looking for a laundry room update.



p.s. Considering that I’ve given my husband a few months for a breather from this project, it’s on to the next one :)

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