Ladies, in advance to our DM lounge tonight, I wanted to share one of our giveaway sponsors, TJ Maxx. If you have followed me from my own blog days, you know TJ Maxx is a favorite of mine and I have shopped their stores since I started earning my own paycheck. So to say I am excited they partnered with us to give a lucky winner a $250 gift card tonight is an understatement.

As If the prices and selection at TJ Maxx weren't enough, they have launched the Maxx You Project; a community that encourages women to embrace their individuality – together (can you say "on brand" for the DM Show!). We can't say this enough. Embrace your gals they way they are, they way the come. We all can learn so much from each other when we remove the need to be perfect or live up to what society wants us to be.

What is the Maxx You Project? It is an online community of women who can all learn & collaborate with each other. On the Maxx You Website you'll find a variety of online courses to help you find your authentic self. Wether it is through personal style, home design, business, and even photography.

I have personally taken the how to design a uniquely-you space with interior designer Genevieve Gorder and I am obsessed. I personally struggle with interior design. There is so much gorgeous inspiration out there, that I was having a hard time completing rooms because I wasn't sure how to execute with every style I like. This course walked me through how to approach it and I walked away knowing exactly what I needed to do. I needed to embrace my authentic style, what makes me, me and incorporate it into my home. I immediately got on line and ordered some pieces that brought me joy. Some that were inspired by my childhood in the Southwest and others that sparked a happy feeling. Now I know my home will be a true representation of who I am, who our family is, and most important an inviting space for friends and family to gather.

Later this week I also plan on taking the "how to slay your day" & "how to capture an authentic you courses because as we continue on this path, our days are getting so busy that I am struggling how to balance it all, and I need some serious personal photography skills too. These three courses are free and come with downloadable resources to help you after you've completed the course. After you take these courses, you can continue with your education by purchasing additional courses that range from personal development, music, test prep, academics, marketing and so many more. There is something for everyone.

You can also join the Maxx You Project Facebook Group. Here is where you can connect with a real community of women who are embracing individuality. It is a safe space where women are connecting and collaborating every day. You'll get encouragement and more resources so make sure and join this group.

I am so happy and honored that we get to be a part of this community of women who want to encourage, collaborate and inspire other women to be their best authentic self.

Let us know when you join the group so we can connect there too!


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