My lil men stepping into independence

Wallin Elementary School

That saying ‘Time Flies’ hit me full force on the day I dropped both off my sons off for 1st grade and Kindergarten. First time having both in school full-time. Calling all Mamas -- How can this happen so fast? I never truly understood everything going on behind those ‘1st day of school’ photos I see on my social media feeds until I was posting my own boys.

I am the mother who takes a picture of every single moment and video of every single word they speak, I am the mother who gets extremely sentimental over even the smallest milestone. So as we prepared for elementary school, I told myself I would not cry, I kept reassuring myself with “they are so excited so I will be excited with them”. They walked into school on that first day with confidence and a smile. It was a proud moment to see them make eye contact with their teachers to introduce themselves and see them easily make new friends. And I didn’t cry!

That was until I got home... Bring Tissues Please.

This is the first stepping-stone in life where their total dependence on Mommy starts to fade. I mean I guess I should be feeling happy about my new kid-free hours in the day but I can’t help to push that feeling down because I would do anything to slow down time or press the rewind button.

Did I really take in every baby moment?

Did I stop to appreciate the snuggle time?

Did I cherish our time home enough?

Did I prepare them for school properly?

Will they remember to use their manners?

My gosh did I do everything right?!

This transition is very emotional for me. I know these school age years are really going to fly by with hectic schedules of school, sports, birthday parties and summer vacations. My friends with grown kids keep telling me I will blink and they will be off to college and getting married.

Change isn’t always easy, yet necessary… so they say. My goal for this stage of life is try to survive. Just kidding, but no seriously… working in our family business, maintaining our home, being present when my kids arrive back from school AND be a fun and loving wife - this is going to be a juggling act - but I’m up for the challenge. Thank goodness for mommy friends and wine to help me navigate to a new routine in this next stage of life. Please dm me any helpful advice too!

In the grand scheme of life, this is the first of many milestones that I’ll have to try not to be a blubbering tear-filled mess. On the bright side I remind myself I still have 13 years to be by their sides as they experience all that comes with growing up. I guess my plan from here is to try really hard to not blink or do it as slow as humanly possible.

No matter how seasoned of a mother you are, you are never fully prepared for the journey that lies ahead as you watch your own children go from being mommy-obsessed to more independent school-aged children. So get your tissues ready and proudly cheer them on as they make their personal marks on the world!

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