Do you believe in setting a New Years Resolution? Do you ever keep to them? Or do they fall by the wayside by Spring?

Personally, I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. I feel like too often we set these unrealistic expectations on ourselves, especially as women. We say we’re going to hit the gym every day, eat healthier, save more money, read more often and travel the world … and all by the end of this year. Then come March, the gyms are empty, back to eating snacks at 9:30pm, you blew your budget so you can’t go on the trip you wanted and you lost that book everyone told you to read.

However, I do believe in setting goals. It doesn’t have to be at the new year, most times I set goals seasonally. I really think you have to be consciously thinking about what you're doing, where are you going and what makes you happy. So I’m sharing with you a few tips that I’ve found to help hold myself accountable to actually getting what I want.


1. Decide. Consider the areas in your life you want change. Relationships, Financial, Health, Mind, Careers, Travel etc. Choose maybe 2 to focus on. Don’t give up on setting goals for more categories, just commit to only a few to ensure you can follow through. Once achieved, review your list and start new goals.

2. Evaluate. Take a look at this past year. What went well in the areas you chose? What didn’t go so well? What do you need to change? If it changed, what would that look like? This is the phase where you just brainstorm and reflect. For example, take increasing your knowledge with books (or podcasts) Imagine, you set a goal to read a book a month, but life is hectic. Perhaps reset at a book every other month. Or ask a girlfriend to commit with you so you can discuss your thoughts. Decide how your goal will be achieved.

3. Start Small. Overwhelming yourself with an unachievable goal will just disappoint and you’ll say f it. Forget it, that is. For example, one of the things I’m committing to drinking more water and stretching daily. Sounds stupid right? Not really, it’s something that I know I need to do more often and when I do I always feel better. Last year Marisela’s commitment was making her bed everyday, and she tells me how much it just helped her set her day with a clear mind and mindset of organization and motivation. When we create a routine of small achievable goals, we eventually create an attainable habit that will come natural. Take my stretch daily goal. When I do this everyday for a consistent period of time, I will (like I did when I was younger) stretch all the time without even thinking about it.

4. Document. Write down what you want. Yes I mean, don’t open you rotes on your phone or email yourself, get yourself a planner and actually put pen to paper. This will help lock in your mind what you want both visually and kinesthetically. Another tip that helps me is to set a reminder in your phone that alerts me monthly to read my goals. I set an annoying ringer that really gets my attention and makes me think about ideas around what can help me out of a lazy routine. For Christmas this year, I gifted Marisela this Life Planner from Erin Condren. This brand has the very best paper planners that includes monthly views, inspirational quotes and bright colored stickers to help you organize your thought, schedule and life. Erin Condren planners are hands down the very best. She has thought of every part of organization your life and you can customize the cover!

5. Accountability. This my friends, is the deal breaker. When you decide to be vulnerable enough to really share with someone what you want to achieve, you win. And you have to trust them enough to also give them permission to call you on your goal progress when you’ve stopped focusing on it. Call your girlfriends, they will support and cheer you on!

6. Celebrate - Decide the moment you write down a goals, how you’ll celebrate when you achieve it. And visualize this celebration or gift often, imagine it, put it on a vision board, write down details about it. See and you will achieve it!

These are the simple steps that work for me. I hope they resonate to help you too.



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