If you live in Las Vegas, Park season is right around the corner. I know it sounds weird for those of you who do not live here, but during the summer it is way too hot to play outside. Remember temps can reach 110-115 during the peak of summer and that is not safe for littles to be outside for prolonged periods of time. So while the rest of the country spends their summers outside, we are forced to spend them indoors. Trust me, there isn't a shortage of things to do with little ones, like, the Discovery Children’s Museum, Springs Preserve, The Shark Reef, Adventuredome, and if you want to be outside, the only way to stay cool is to be near water. So you end up spending the day at a pool. Wether you choose to go to a hotel pool, or a water park you have to find shade and that comes at a premium. I guess what I am trying to say is that summers in Las Vegas can get pretty pricey for families due to all of the entry fees you end up paying.

But now that the temps are starting to come down, it is time for some good old free fun. And thats why we love parks. We love to get the kiddos together for a little picnic with light snacks & beverages and let them run their little tooshies to the point exhaustion. It's also such a good way for us mama's to sit (while we keep an eye on our kids) and catch up and if you live close enough that you can walk to park, you can have a glass of wine too. We are not against that at all.

Scroll down to see a list of our 5 favorite parks in the Valley.




Here’s why we love these 5 parks:


Exploration Park - 9275 S Buffalo Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89178

This park is located in the Southwest near Mountains Edge. There is direct access to Exploration Peak for a hike that is sure to give you breathtaking views of the entire valley. The level of difficulty varies on which path you choose.

The playground is an old western theme with beautifully landscaped and spacious areas. This would be the perfect place if your child loves cosplay. There is also a fun desert themed sand box with faux climbing rocks and slides that go through the rocks.

The wide open green grass is well maintained and open for a family picnic. Plus it’s very pet friendly (on-leash) with several walking paths.

Mountains Edge Regional Park - 7929 W Mountains Edge Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV 89178

Also located in Mountain’s Edge, this park has amazing panoramic views. Perfect for a photoshoot towards the evening.

We particularly like that the playground as it has unique features. Diesha’s kids love the climbing apparatus, they call them Pringles. There is also a small ‘town’ area for pretend play.

One side has a large grass area ideal for a game of kickball or soccer. The other side has basketball courts and racketball courts. One feature that sets this park apart from the others is the outdoor exercise equipment set up for circuit training.


Anthem Hills Park - 2256 Reunion Dr. Henderson, NV 89052

This playground is great for the littler ones because it’s fenced in and set on soft grass making it safe for falls and tumbles. And if your kids are 5 yrs+, there are several amenities. There is the most gnarly skate park just adjacent full of kids on skateboards and scooters. (Helmets required). There is also a street hockey rink, basketball courts and super nice softball fields.

This is one of those parks that makes mom-life feel pretty cool.

Paseo Vista Park - 2505 Paseo Verde Pkwy. Henderson, NV 89052

This park is just a few blocks west of Green Valley Ranch. There are 2 playgrounds one geared for the smaller children and the other for bigger kids . There are plenty of shaded picnic table areas, we’ve seen lots of birthday parties here.

Every kids will love the multiple monkey bars, different sizes and styles of slides, "rock climbing" area, and the chair style swings.

And because it’s get’s so hot here, the splash pad will cool your lil one down!


Fox Hill Park - Antelope Ridge Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89138

This is a newer park that opened in 2016. Definitely worth heading up North for. It’s super unique from any other park, this park has a little bit of something for everyone. The climbing rope course is impressive. And there are multiple zip lines for kids to choose.

The walking path is beautiful. The view of the strip is pretty spectacular. We are still not desensitized to the beauty of the Las Vegas valley.

We hope this helps you narrow down which park is perfect for your family or helps build your list to explore all of them. Have fun planning your next day adventure!

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