Okay, it is fair to say I over-indulged over the last few months. When I looked at a few pictures of myself from a few weeks ago, I was like… whoa girl, you might have over done it this round. Although I’m not a diet type girl, but I did find a program that works for me. It’s more of a detox or jumpstart and reboot for your metabolism - or as I like think of it ‘checking myself” of all the bad shit I put in my body.

It’s a 10 day program program designed and encouraged by Juice Plus+, a company that makes a line of nutritional products made only from whole foods and is backed by 39 published medical studies.  Do your own search, JP+ is legit! And it makes all the sense in the world to me… add more whole food (nothing processed), move more, drink more water, get enough sleep. No gimmicks. Do the work, get the results.

And it's only 10 day, you can do anything for 10 days, right?

This Shred10 requires JP+ Complete Protein shake 2 times a day. Complete shakes are delicious and filling, plus it is a plant based protein that is gluten and dairy-free. They come in two flavors: French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate. There are hundreds of recipes for smoothies or my favorite-> protein snack balls. I have pinned my favorites on Pinterest.

Also, the JP+ Capsules that are small, convenient capsules that contain 30 fruits and vegetables. No worries, if you don’t like taking capsules, they also come in tasty, chewable gummies! My kids love them and I love that it helps bridge the gap in their nutritional intake. Shred10 prefers you add both, but the Shakes are what is most important for the 10 days.

Here’s what this 10 days looks like:

  • Zero gluten

  • Zero dairy

  • Zero processed foods

  • Zero alcohol

  • Zero caffeine

  • No eating past 6PM

  • Lots of water, exercise, and adequate sleep.

**My disclaimer, I’ve done this Shred several times of the past few years. Sometimes, I’ve only reduced the amount of alcohol and caffeine.. Although I believe elimination is a better ‘reset’ I advise commit to what is possible in your lifestyle. All or None doesn’t work for everyone, baby steps is just fine. And given that our weekly podcast is usually around wine, I'll most likely have a cheat night within these next 10 days.

Things I noticed when I complete these 10 days:

  • Mental clarity

  • More natural energy without a midday crash (however I did get headaches from less caffeine in day 2)

  • Less bloating (some experience gas from detoxing)

  • Happier mood (other than the sadness of missing coffee & wine)

  • Improve my digestion and experience regular bowel movements

  • Helps me feel grounded, alert, powerful, and ready to take on the world

I’m not going to say this 10 day commitment is easy, but nothing worth it is easy, right? And it's fun challenging myself. I have accomplished lots of shreds over the last few years. I’ve found success when I meal prep in advance, have my snacks prepared and have a few accountability buddies. I have several girlfriends who join me in this a few times a year. We cheer each other on, share our recipes/snack ideas and hold each other accountable to sticking with clean’ish habits after we’re done. If you want to join us, dm me. Here’s my link to explore the products and if you've followed my instagram stories, here's the information on my JP+ Tower Garden.

Happy 2019 friends!



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