Updated: Dec 5, 2019

When we started this podcast we envisioned bringing women together in support of one another. We wanted a space to encourage real conversations and really just have an excuse to break away from our daily routines and to have a whole lot of fun! Thank you so much for believing in our mission and joining us for the She She Brunch! Please help us by spreading the word about our podcast on iTunes & Spotify >> The DM Show. And don't forget to subscribe, review.

We are committed to creating different events that give you different experiences, but even in the diversity of our events, the one thing you will find in common is that they are all a fun, safe space where you can be yourself. Be sure you are subscribed to this blog so you can be the first to receive updates about our upcoming events. Here is a little insider secret; we open registration to all of our subscribers first.

We hope you had an amazing time at the SheSheBrunch. We did! You gals showed up dressed to impress and we loved seeing you all make new friends and shaking your booties. This is one for the books.

These fun events are made possible by our amazing event partners so please support them so that we can we can continue to have these events and keep them FREE!

Bottiglia wow'd us with a brunch spread that will for sure keep us coming back for more. Their Sunday Brunch goes on for rest of patio season so call your girls and make reservations. Aldo remember that their Happy Hour runs M-F 5pm-7pm with amazing bites and drink specials.

In case you didn't already love Meiomi, now we are sure you do! The continuous flow of Sparkling Wine Mimosas were fresh, crisp and perfect for this hot patio weather day. These Coastal California wines have an unrivaled taste and we love every variety.

Alexandria Pearl with the Brodkin Group shared her love for seeing all these women come together in support of each other. She is offering complimentary staging with new listings for all She She Brunch attendees. A well staged home will set you above the rest and give you an advantage for a faster, higher sale. Give her a ring at 702-592-5999

Foreo We are so grateful for this continued partnership. They generously gifted all of our girls the Luna Play. It uses a compact design and 2-zone brush to gently and thoroughly offer your skin a sonic cleanse to leave you glowing and gorgeous. We are in love with all of their products and from the feedback and testimonials we have received, you do too!

GreyGoose was on site serving their delicious summer cocktails and to say they were a bit hit is an understatement! They sent you gals home with amazing reusable shopping bags. Cocktails and environmentally conscious, can you say #winning

The afternoon was complete with music and dancing thanks to Nudia from KLUC. Follow her on >instagram<

We sincerely thank you for your continued support. We do these events for you so please drop us a DM with what you would like to experience with The DM Show.

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Cheers ladies,


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