If you have been following me (Marisela) for a while, then you know I love the South Premium Outlets. For one, they're a few miles from my house. 2, they have some of the best stores and best deals. They have everything from designer to athletic and in-between. It's where I go to look for new work out gear, great basics, and the current on trend pieces at reasonable prices, so it is no surprise when they reached about a partnership, it felt organic..

We grabbed some coffee and spent last Thursday morning checking out all the fall trends the South Premium Outlets had to offer.

First up; Michael Kors. First, you would never guess this location is an outlet location. It is a meticulous as the regular store. It is full of the iconic bags from, top handles, cross body, to backpacks. There was something for every style. But you'll also find a very well curated selection of fabulous coats. They have something for every occasion. Heavy puffers with a faux fur lined hoods for extreme cold, chic leather jackets to act as a fab third piece, a peacoat for the office or an anorak for the casual weekend style. It was hard to decide which one we loved more, because they were all so good!

** coats & bags are all Michael Kors

Next up we stopped by Tommy Hilfiger. Being a 90's kid, the fact that Tommy is back in style with its iconic logo at the forefront just makes me happy and upon walking into the store I immediately got the urge to do an unplanned mommy & me look and I of course, could not resist a camo jacket! I love styling a camo with a stripe when ever possible because they pair so well together. I feel like it neutralizes the toughness of the camo print.

**Look One: Sweaters and pants on myself and Easton are TH

**Look two: Jacket, undershirt and black jeans are TH

Kate Spade is alway a must stop. It's just a fun store and you never know what you are going to find. It was full of what you would expect, whimsical accessories that make a statement. D couldn't get enough of the earmuffs and the adorable owl accessories. It was hard not to walk out with something leopard. I am personally partial to a leopard print dress, but the leopard trimmed lady like coat gave me all the heart eyes.

**On D: all earmuffs, leopard sweater & satchel all Kate Spade

We couldn't leave without hitting up a few athletic stores so we hit up Adidas and Under Armor. Under Armor is a great stop of workout clothes. They had a great selection of leggings and we really liked the cutout details on their active tops. I don't know about you guys, but I don't have enough athletic coats/sweatshirts that I can wear to the gym now that it's cooling off so I was on the hunt for one. You truly can find an entire

Adidas served us up a few classics. I don't know w how to resist the urge to put on a Adidas track suit and faux breakdance. It's the 90's child in me. Maybe one day I will actually be cool enough to wear one in public. Now the hoodie D tried on, I am in! I am seriously considering going and getting it in white.

** On D: Hoodie and sneakers are Adidas

** On M: Tracksuit and shoes are Adidas

Thanks to Las Vegas South Premium Outlets for sponsoring this post. All opinions are our own.

XxOx, D & M

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