So Diesha wanted to go Ice Skating

I’ve always wanted to go Ice Skating at the Cosmopolitan Boulevard Pool. It sounds so dreamy ice skating with a snow maker above the gorgeous view of the Las Vegas Strip. So I text Marisela and said Hey I have an idea, let’s go Ice Skating.

Without even seeing her face on the other end of them phone, I imagined she was thinking this …

“Why would I do this? Put sharp instrument shoes on, get on a slippery surface, struggle for balance, most likely injure myself or the general public around me. This ain’t happening.”

She doesn’t respond.

So I figured, I really needed to sell her on this and I knew just how. I text again... We could get some cute pictures in our faux fur coats. Worst case, you’re miserable and we just hang at the bar they have there.

Immediate txt back… “Yeah Sounds good.” I knew I had her at ‘dress up with drinks’ lol.

So we went, although we weren’t the Blades of Glory duo out there, we had fun! Nobody fell on their asses plus we got a good full day of cocktails and girlfriend time. This is definitely a Must-Do Experience in Vegas in the winter!

Ladies, plan a fun experience with your friends - it’s worth some laughs and photo ops.

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