A Canadian tuxedo is still one of my favorite looks. If you don't know what a Canadian tuxedo is, let me tell you. It when you pair denim with denim. Like a denim shirt & jeans/shorts or like I did here with flare jeans and a jean trench coat. Probably the most memorable Canadian tuxedo is Britney & Justin at the AMA's circa 2001 #neverforget. Now, why they call it a Canadian Tuxedo, I don't know the history there, I just know it's one of my favorites and I have enough denim pieces in my closet to wear this trend for days straight. Here is a little secret.. This trench coat is actually a dress that no longer closes (hello post baby body) so I converted it to a coat. I hate getting rid of pieces I love so I am happy I was able to repurpose it.

Something I have never been able to understand is when women say they can't wear flare jeans, especially girls on the shorter side. They always claim flare jeans will make them look short and stalky, when in contrary if you find the right pair they can make you look taller. It is my life mission to get Diesha in a pair of flare/wide leg jeans. Below are tips to finding the right pair.

1. They must be a high rise and tuck your top in, or wear a cropped top/sweater. You want to make sure, the eye can see where the jean starts thus bringing the eye up higher on the waist.

2. The fit can not be too tight. A too tight fit will disrupt the clean line you need from waist to foot.

3. Wear a 5/6 inch comfortable platform. See, you instantly become 5 inches taller. I have two pairs of shoes in my closet specifically for flare/wide leg jeans and thats it. You don't have to spend a lot of money on them because no one will really see them.

4. Make sure the hem barley kisses the floor, but covers the shoe.

These four tips will bring the eye up, raise you 5 inches, and no one will know! If you try these tips, let me know if they work!

I linked my top & jeans below!

XxoX, Marisela

Top / Jeans / Bag /

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