Welcome to this little digital space of ours. These sweatshirts could not describe what we are about any better. We aim to be a safe space for all to speak their mind, but at the same time remind you that in our minds you have our respect regardless of your views. We encourage you to have difficult conversations with open minds and open hearts. 

Without sounding like the stereotypical beauty pageant contestants - We just want “World Peace”. Is it really too much to ask?

We want a world with more kindness, peace, equality and love. When you listen to our weekly podcast you’ll hear a common theme that homophobia, violence racism & sexism is WRONG.

These values not only bonded our friendship, it’s what propelled us to start our podcast and this blog. We recognize that we live in a divided world and sadly one side is full of judgemental haters. Some rally violently and others cowardly hide behind their keyboards spouting nonsense to the internet without facing how ignorant words can destroy and hurt people. We have zero tolerance for this.

A good mind and a good heart are always a formidable combination" this quote by Nelson Mandela struck us with its simple truth at a critical moment in this world we live in.

5 STEPS to influence more KINDNESS, PEACE, EQUALITY and LOVE.

  1. Educate yourself! Strengthen your ability to influence a new open mindset by getting properly informed. Real facts will improve your effectiveness.

  2. Take Action! Complaining and venting to your friends does nothing for the cause. Use your Voice. Sign a Petition. Get out and Vote. Write your Legislation.

  3. Join Forces!  Power in numbers - Subscribe to The DM Show - Share our mission  to break barriers of unnecessary judgement. Or get involved with “human rights coalitions” or “peace and justice” or “civil church groups” that organize for the good.

  4. Get Perspective! Reflect inside yourself for any biases and stereotypes. Expand your comfort zone by reaching out to people outside your own groups and listen so you can understand. Only when you find empathy towards other who don’t believe what you believe will you find ways to influence change.

  5. Stay Engaged! Follow both sides of the issue. Be thoughtful to the victims and be available to help when called upon.

We recognise of course that our voices alone will not deliver overall equality, but we have an important role to play in our reach and influence. We feel we have a duty to humanity to reach individuals with our points of view, debates and story sharing to achieve real change.

You’ve heard us say it, “Do You Boo” but try to alway incorporate kindness, peace, equality and love.


~Diesha & Marisela  

Sweatshirts by @jacvanek 

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