Valentine’s Crafting

I’m a closeted craft lover. I have pinned more crafts than humanly possible to complete in a lifetime yet have only made maybe 10 things ever, lol. However, I’m coming into the time where my kids are required to do projects for school so when the note came home that my boys needed to craft Valentine’s Day boxes to collect Valentine’s cards, I was excited.

I scoured the web for the cutest and fun box decorating ideas. Like whoa, Valentines boxes have become crazy creative since I was in elementary school. There was a common theme to ditch the traditional mailbox ideas for personalized boxes that fit your child’s personality.

I'm all in for themes! Cruz loves weird characters / monsters and Dane loves soccer. So off to Michael’s I went.

For this project, I had shoe boxes already in my closet to use. So themed scrap book paper to wrap the lids and boxes with would be easy. I bought a set of google eyes and feather boa for Cruz’s monster theme. And white pipe cleaners for soccer nets and soccer themed stickers for Dane’s soccer field idea. Also in the sticker aisle I grabbed silver letters for their names. At home, I gathered the rest of my supplies like a glue stick & hot glue gun, tape, regular white cardboard paper, and scissors.

We had a lot of fun crafting together and they boys were so excited to show their teachers and friends. Personality Themes for the win!

Would love to hear what Valentine’s Day crafts you’re doing with you littles, dm me your ideas.



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