I have been wanting to write this review for a while, but I wanted to make sure I really used it and gave it a proper chance before I drop my opinion on here. If you follow any beauty bloggers, or bloggers in general you have seen Vintners Daughter in your feed. Its raved about, and highly recommended and strategically marketed on social media. Call me skeptical, but It's hard for me to really trust an opinion of some one who has only used the product for two nights and is already giving it a five star review. The only honest review you can give about a beauty product in two days, is do you like the smell and consistency. Results take time and to know if a product really works you must use it consistently to see how it affects your skin, Good or bad.

This product is expensive. $180 for 1oz . Yeah! To be honest that was one of the reasons I hesitated so much pulling the trigger, It's steep. One day I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Girl Boss and the creator of this serum, April Gargiulo (who in fact is a vintners daughter) was on and she spoke so passionately about her product and all the amazing ingredients in it and I just knew I had to try it, I was sold! One of the selling factors for me is that

it can be used alone, or in conjunction with your other beauty products so my hopes were that I could use it as a nightly serum and eliminate my other serum to help with the cost.

When the serum arrived I was excited to try it. The label is pretty, simple & clean. It smells like a blooming botanical garden, but I would say the consistency is more like an oil than a serum.

The recommendations say to use 5 drops, activate in hands and press on to the skin. The first few times I only used it at night and I used the 5 drops like recommended, but then I realized that I was getting it on my pillow case and that I was waking up with a greasy hairline. I simply adjusted down to three drops and that made a huge difference. Unfortunately, after a few nights, I knew I wouldn't be able to use it for day.

I used the serum for two weeks and I alternated my Retin-A & Biologique Recherche toner each night and I have to tell you guys...I am so sad this serum is too much for everyday use on my skin. After two weeks, I didn't notice a change in my skin. I also have large pores and I started to notice they were getting clogged so I stopped using it every night immediately and went back to my regular serum. After I got that under control I started to re-introduce the serum a few days a week and it slowly became a once a week serum. I use it once a week to rehydrate my skin, especially after a few Retin-A applications.

It is a beautiful product with high end botanical ingredients and I do love having having such a luxury item in my drawer, but it's just not something I can use every day. I think if you are someone who's skin can tolerate an oil every day, or you have achieved the skin you want, you will love this serum because of it's natural ingredients. I think it would be a great maintenance tool.

If you have the budget this is a good addition to any beauty regiment. Being that I only use it once a week, I don't expect to be rebuying it any time soon. I will keep you posted when I am done with it and if I do end up buying a replacement.

I hope this helps!

XxOx, Marisela

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