I fell in love with this house because of the floor plan, but this poor home hadn’t been taken care of for quite a long time so I knew we’d be in projects for a few years. Stair rails and treads were one of my top priorities. At my first walk through I had a vision for how this could be an amazing architectural feature in our home.

The original staircase was in dire need of special attention. Although it had quality carpet, it was outdated and super dirty. The previous owners painted the traditional spindles chocolate brown. And they did it with a brush and there were many places chipping to the original oak color, it was making me crazy so I finally wore Chris down to agree to a staircase renovation!


I knew I wanted a more modern feel but my journey to an exact vision came from Pinterest. I probably pinned 30 different ideas and read several decorators blogs. I decided on horizontal rails and all wood treads. My new found love of black hardware lead me to matte black horizontal rails. And because we have grey and tan wood floors upstairs and have plans to install charcoal gray polished concrete downstairs, I wanted to match this color palette as close as possible.

I vetted 4 stair companies. After explaining my vision with Allen and Tina of Nevada Stairs I felt 100% confident they could bring my vision to life. They took the time to show me exact material and color plus I visited their workshop and got to experience exactly how they custom build each one of the treads. I was super impressed with their operation. That visit lead me to ask them if they could design and build the wainscoting up my loft area wall. I follow this amazing home decorator (The House of Silver Lining) which inspired this wainscoting idea. Nevada Stairs spoke with their installers and offered a fair price - I was stoked!


But I’m not going to lie… the process of a complete staircase renovation is grueling. Demo was fast but that left us with no rails for 2 weeks. With small kids and dogs = no fun.

Wainscoting went in first then one by one, they installed the stair treads. Posts and rails were last in the process. From start to finish, this was a 2 week project. My house was a war zone, but it was all so worth it.

The only thing that I really didn’t consider is how slippery the all wood treads would be. I absolutely love the look so until we’re all used to them, we have a no socks rule up on the stairs. And dogs nail scratches... I told Chris I'm going to have to buy the dogs shoes, lol.

This has completely changed the personality of our home. I’m really happy with how my vision came to life! I hope this has inspired you to consider a staircase update.





All Wood Treads

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