Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Hi all! I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Now that thats under our belts, lets talk about shopping. If you know me personally you know my shopping approach is very curated. I don't shop blindly or just because. I shop for closet needs. I am usually on the hunt for something very specific that leaves a gap in my closet and when it comes to sales, I shop to pick up big ticket items, like shoes, bags, home decor.

I am heading back to work next week and I needed to update my work wardrobe so this time around, I used it to purchase some needed items, mostly pants, and shoes. I also snagged a good corporate style bag. These OAD bags are perfect because they have the built in compartments for business cards, phone and pens, which in my history of working and purchasing "work bags" I have never seen a bag with these needs addressed. I really hope I love it when it arrives! I have been looking for new kitchen island pendants and these from West Elm are perfect. I am so happy I found them because I was about pull the trigger on very similar ones that were three times the price. I can't wait to get them in and see how they look. The black classic bootie was a definite splurge, but I when it comes to shoes, I am a quality over quantity type of gal. I prefer a well made, classic shoe that I can wear for many seasons to come. I have been wanting this first aid bin for so long and it is always sold out, but I was able to snag it on sale!

And because it is too good not to share, Included my recent purchases from Shopbop because they are too good not to share, and they are all in stock and part of the major sale!

XxOX, Marisela

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