Your Neck & Décolleté tell your Age

You can always tell the true age of someone by their neck, décolleté and hands, I am a recent sufferer of all of these which is why I went on the hunt for the best beauty products out there.

We women tend to nourish our face more thoroughly with moisturizers, oils and serums but don’t always take the product down as far as the décolleté, so we’re not protecting the neck and cleavage. These areas are susceptible to showing signs of aging before the face because the skin here is fragile, finer and more delicate as there are fewer sebaceous glands to keep it moisturized. Sadly I’m super susceptible to extra wrinkles in these areas because girls… it is hereditary (sad face) so go have a chat with your mama and grandma for a sneak peek into your future if you don’t start loving that skin too!

I have 2 brands that I’ve tested for 4 months. I recommend them both but for different reasons.

First up is ELEMIS. At our DM Show Be-YOU-tiful Nordstrom event this year I was introduced to the brand. They are a luxury British skincare brand with a comprehensive range of skincare products for both men and women with the philosophy comes down to a combination of science and nature. Their secret ingredient tells a story that had me intrigued. The science of seaweed is amazing, they infuse specific types of algae into the products because it was discovered that algae will protect and restore what it sticks on underwater.

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Neck & Décolleté Balm says it firms, smoothes, hydrates. Clinically proven* to improve the appearance of skin elasticity and smoothness and reduce the appearance of skin slackening. What I first noticed was the amazing smell, I love it - ELEMIS products are formulated with a mix of naturally derived ingredients and botanicals, as well as essential oils. I found that after just three weeks of testing this cream, fine lines were visibly reduced on the décolleté (it didn’t manage to change deeper lines though) and skin felt noticeably more supple on the neck. A little goes a long way, 1-2 pumps easily covers the whole neck and chest area.

I’ve also been diligent about using the Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment, it’s light weight smells nice and also gave noticeable results. These are the only 2 ELEMIS products I’ve tried so far I can say with certainty you will see small improvements with consistent use. The only down side is it is pricey. The Neck and Décolleté Balm runs $79 and lasted me 2 months.

Next is SiO Beauty. These neck and décolleté reusable patches were created by a model who was an avid side sleeper giving her deep wrinkles along her neck and chest. A doctor friend of hers introduced her to the benefits of medical grade silicone, which has been proven to heal scars. It took over 180 prototypes, 2 clinical trials and 4 years of development to get the SiO patch right.

Let me tell you these SiO SkinPad's work! The potent, multi-use medical-grade silicone patches contoured to fit exactly onto your skin to hyper-hydrate those wrinkle prone zones. It’s recommended to wear them at night so I wore them for 1 full week and each morning I was so impressed. For me when I wake up, my sleep marks (especially on my neck and décolleté) are horrid. But these patches took all of that away.

Although some may be able to have a regimen to wear these nightly, it’s not sustainable for me because I wasn’t comfortable, which is why I didn’t sign up for the subscription service SiO offers. However because they are reusable up to 2 weeks I absolutely plan to use these when I need to be looking my very best in the morning or for an event.

The NeckLift patch runs only $30 (2 in a pack) and the SkinPad patch runs $50 (2 in a pack).

As I continue my journey to age as gracefully as possible by testing products I will keep sharing my results with you. Hope this helps you discover a brand that works for you!

xo ~D

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